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Healthcare partners

One.Check offers a simple and efficient digital platform that allows patients to search, book, pay and receive test reports 100% online.


We are able to integrate any test center booking engine via API as well as offer end to end solution where necessary.


We have already partnered with many test centers throughout Italy but we are constantly looking for new partners to extend our coverage across the country.

Our healthcare partners

Benefits for our healthcare partners

Corporate, Travel and Insurance Operators

OneCheck digital platform provides your customers and employees with an innovative and completely online tool to search, book and receive the test reports, creating efficiency and quality throughout the supply chain.


We were born during the health crisis with particular attention to the world of travel, developing a safe and reliable platform, and a widespread network of test centers. We are rapidly expanding to offer an all-round solution for all healthcare services both private and insurance covered.

Our travel operator partners

Benefits for Corporate, travel and Insurance operators