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Healthcare Partners

We are already working with primary healthcare organisations across Italy, but are looking to further extend our coverage. We are able to increase the visibility of your testing programmes and grow volume by introducing new customers as part of a country wide programme.
Whilst your focus is testing, analysing results and the quality of healthcare delivered, our expertise is bringing your testing services closer to the travelling population, in line with the regulations defined by travel operators and destination authorities.
One.Check enables

• Substantial increases in the number of tests
• More sustainable revenues
• Fewer no-shows as patients are mandated to be tested

Travel Operators, Airlines and Airport Authorities

Whilst some travellers are confident to make bookings and travel immediately, many need additional reassurance to do so. Uncertainty, imposed quarantines and constantly changing ‘rules’ create inertia. Our testing regime will not only provide reassurance for travellers, but do so in a clear, easy and customer friendly way.

Using technology and partnering with leading healthcare providers, we offer a solution to travel companies providing their customers and staff with a COVID-19 testing regime to meet destination authorities’ standards.
We can use API integration to become part of your normal booking flow and so delivers a seamless experience for your customers. By helping to eliminate paperwork, One.Check offers a secure digital process, helping combat possible falsification of test results, so playing its part in keeping everyone safe.

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