OneCheck – Una piattaforma, infinite connessioni

One Platform,
many connections

We connect insurance, funds and healthcare operators with a single integration

OneCheck API Syncronizer is integrated with all major HIS, thus enabling online booking and claim data exchange in a digital and seamless way, thanks to a single integration.

_OneCheck API syncronizer

With OneCheck Synchronizer we enable real time communication via API between Insurance and health funds portals and healthcare operators


Automatic transcoding functionality thanks to a proprietary NLP system

Online booking creation and management

API services that enable availability queries and real time bookings

Real-time claim status verification

Consistency check between opened claims and bookings

Real time Booking and Claims statuses update

Service that Synchronizes booking and claims status real time via API

_OneCheckAPI Synchronizer

With OneCheck Synchronizer you can build and integrate a real-time booking and claim management system, into your existing customer portal


Management of automatic transcoding, through proprietary NLP system

Online booking creation and management

API for 'querying health facility agendas and real-time booking

Real-time claim status verification

Automatic verification of consistency between claim and booking

Real time Booking and Claims statuses update

Booking or Claim management via API

_ Unique solution on the market

Through API to transcode, read and edit
agendas and registries, send claims and
messaging we enable integration with systems and
existing workflows

_The advantages of integrating with
OneCheck Synchronizer

Workload reduction for the customer service

Digitizing bookings and claim management, drastically reduces the workload of the customer service and back office operators

Error reduction at the check-in

Automatically checkings the consistency between opened claims and related bookings, reduces the error rate and the need for corrections during the patient checkin phase

Improved patient experience

Enabling online booking directly on insurance and health fund portals simplifies improves the perceived quality of the services and reduces the risk of frustration for the patient due to errors during the checkin

Increased use of healthcare affiliated healthcare operators

Simplifying bookings on contracted healthcare operators, increases the access on such operators and therefore reduces costs

For insurance companies, funds and TPAs

With Onecheck, you can digitally integrate with your network of contracted healthcare operators and better manage bookings and claims

For healthcare operators

OneCheck Synchronizer is a single gateway exposed to insurance and health funds that enable a complete digitalization of booking and claim management processes

_Scalable and robust technology

Our microservices-based architecture provides a secure, robust, and scalable system designed for the needs of modern, interconnected healthcare.


Our API library allows anyone to easily and securely connect to take full advantage of the features in our API Synchronizer.

_Our partners

We collaborate with the best healthcare facilities and insurance companies to develop solutions that meet the needs of an rapidly evolving industry.


Area (1)

Selected by AON as a technical partner to digitize their network of contracted healthcare operators

_Try our technology now

We invite you to directly experience the capabilities of our platform. 

Try one of our products built with OneCheck Synchronizer and check for yourself how our technology can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of your daily work in healthcare.


_Data protection and security by design

Our platform was natively developed according to the principles of maximum data security and “privacy by design,” drawing inspiration from best practices in the Healthcare and Financial sectors.

Data transmission

We adopt TLS/SSL as the minimum standard and use payload encryption for an additional layer of security

Encrypted databases

We keep anonymized and encrypted data for the minimum time necessary to handle the transaction

Authorization protocols

Authorization managed through OAuth2 to ensure secure access to needed resources


Using an advanced firewall that analyzes network traffic, blocking potential threats by ensuring only secure connections


We strictly monitor our API logs as an additional line of defense against cyber attacks

Privacy by design

It is the pillar that allows us to adhere to GDPR standards and the latest Privacy Guarantor regulations on booking health care services

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