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More than 500 test center accross Italy and guaranteed turnaround times for your results

Booking your COVID-19 test has never been so easy

We are integrated with the main diagnostic centres; we guarantee price competitiveness and a widespread coverage throughout Italy to provide a great service and a copy of your test result via our digital wallet.

Using the simple and intuitive OneCheck platform, you can view and book all Covid-19 tests in the nearest test centre to you, safely pay online and receive a digital copy of your test results.

Which test type can you book

On OneCheck you'll be able to book COVID-19 test types available on the market

PCR test

It detects the presence of the viral genome through the amplification of the most expressed viral genes, both in symptomatic subjects and in presymptomatic or asymptomatic subjects. *

Antigen test

It detects the presence of viral proteins or antigens. Different types of antigen tests are available, first second and third generation. *

Antibody test

It is based on the patient’s blood test and makes it possible to find out if the patient has come into contact with the virus and his immune system has therefore produced responding antibodies. *

* To find out the specific characteristics of the test booked, contact the test center or partner lab.

How it works

A few simple steps to book your test online with OneCheck

Choose the test you want to run. You will find all COVID tests: PCR, Antigenic or Serological.
Select the place and time that is most convenient for you and we will show you the availability in real time.
Make the payment through our platform and receive the summary of your appointment.
As soon as the test report is ready, you will be notified both via email and text message to view the results.
On the OneCheck platoform you can view and download your test reports quickly and easily.
In your personal area, you can securely access your data and reports at any time and from any device.

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